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Copyright at SDU: Scan


(C): Colourbox


SDU has entered into an agreement with Copydan concerning the use of scanned material for teaching purposes.

• It is permitted to scan 20%, but no more than 50 pages per publication per student per semester.

• The file format must be "locked" so that changes cannot be made to the scanned text.

• The files must be stored on a password protected intranet such as

• Printouts from subscription databases may not be scanned.

• Newspapers and daily papers may not be scanned.

If you need more information or are in doubt please contact Line Kronqvist Jensen or Jens Dam at the library.
You are also welcome to send your  literature list, and we will go through it and check whether it is possible to scan the materials.

Line Kronqvist Jensen can be contacted at
6550 4480
Jens Dam can be contacted at
6550 4411

Kun til personligt studie- og forskningsbrug.
Studerende og ansatte ved SDU samt ansatte på Odense Universitetshospital (OUH) har fjernadgang til de fleste af bibliotekets licensbelagte elektroniske materialer.
Uanset hvor du fysisk befinder dig, har du adgang via brugernavn og password. Problemer? Læs FAQ over de mest almindelige problemer med elektroniske materialer.
Har du brug for yderligere hjælp, kan du kontakte Licenskontoret via e-mail, eller telefon 6550 2632.

Only for your own personal study and research purposes.
Students and staff at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the staff at Odense University Hospital (OUH) have remote access to the library's licensed electronic material. Use your SDU/OUH username and password to get access. Read more about remote access here.
Problems accessing electronic material? - Read the FAQ. If you need further help, please contact Office of Licensing via e-mail, or telephone 6550 2632.

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