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Research Output & Impact Analyzed and Visualized: Start

A DEFF-sponsored project which aims to educate libraries in data visualisation by cases in e.g. bibliometrics

Invitations and evaluations

Invitation til ROIAV workshop 29/05/2018

Twitter #roiav

ROI-AV - A DEFF sponsored project

Make Data Sexy Again

March 15th of this year, a new DEFF project called "Research Output & Impact Analyzed & Visualized" was launched. The aims are to teach participants to complement data-rich bibliometric and other analyzes with data visualizations. Libraries often prepare analyzes for the management at the library or university, but frequently data analyzes can be hard to understand and overview, and this is where visualizations can be helpful. Just think of the many great info-graphics that flourish on the web, or the newspapers' graphic representations of complex issues. They all have the purpose to facilitate the understanding of the data or possibly even reveal new insights into the data set. The project aims to:

  • introduce Danish university libraries and information services to the best/most relevant of these new tools
  • engage a group of university libraries and information services in hands-on prototyping with these tools and share the experience with the wider DEFF-community
  • build new competences in this area and share the learning with the DEFF-community
  • build a prototype VIVO Linked Data system with international quality metadata for a single university, demonstrating the power of VIVO coupled with quality data as a platform for university research analytics and visualizations
  • connect Danish actors to international experts and communities leading the development in this area

and, as a result, to:

  • help Danish university libraries and information services serve their universities better and in a more up-to-date fashion in the area of research analytics and research intelligence.

The project has participants from the University of Copenhagen, The Royal Library, Copenhagen and Aarhus, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark.

Work package focused on analysis and visualization tools
The project is currently active in the part that deals with competency development of the participants, and works in smaller groups with tools like VOSviewer, Science of Science (Sci2) Tool, Tableau, Excel, Gephi, R, NVivo, OpenRefine and Google Data Studio.

Work package focused on VIVO as a Reaserch Analytics Platform
In the work package focused on VIVO as a Research Analytics Platform, a co-publication analysis module including a report generator and visualization has been developed. The efforts are currently focused on optimizing data and the report generator.

Stay tuned
All the cool new tools we test, and helpful resources we come across during our journey, we will share with you on this site - so stay tuned.
Follow the project on Twitter: #roiav and #vivorap.

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