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Research Output & Impact Analyzed and Visualized: Concluding Conference

A DEFF-sponsored project which aims to educate libraries in data visualisation by cases in e.g. bibliometrics

Concluding conference: Visuals and Analytics that Matter

You are hereby encouraged to reserve the date of October 3rd 2018, on which the concluding conference of the DEFF sponsored project, ROI-AV, will take place.

The ROI-AV project develops skills and introduces modern tools and theories for analysis and visualization of data in the domain of research. While the project members are largely related to academic libraries and bibliometrics departments, the project scope is inspired by methods from other fields as well.

The conference will have the overarching theme of Visuals and Analytics that Matter. Accordingly, the event will be covering subjects that members of the project group have been working on during the last two years.

Themes that may be part of the event include:

  • Data visualization and analysis
  • Theory and best practices of information visualization
  • Mapping of knowledge and relations through the usage of linked data
  • Network Visualization
  • The above applied to the field of bibliometrics and scientometrics

Among the presenters will be practitioners and researchers, representing best practices and skills relating to these fields.

NB: The conference is free of charge and final programme will be available in August 2018.

See the program below.

Poster Session

In connection with the conference, ROI-AV is hosting a Poster Session This is the perfect opportunity for you to flash your work within the fields of visualization and data- & research analytics, including, but not limited to:

  • Network analysis
  • Great infographics
  • Text mining
  • Dashboard solutions
  • Simple - but effective visualizations
  • Complex visualizations
  • Research analytics - new ideas

The ROI-AV project group will also showcase some of the work developed within the project.  


Mike Conlon

Mike Conlon

Dr. Conlon is an Emeritus Faculty member of the University of Florida and serves as VIVO Project Director. Previously, Dr. Conlon served as PI of the VIVO project, leading a team of 180 investigators at seven schools in the development, implementation and advancement of an open source, semantic web application for research discovery. His current interests include representation of scholarship, and research data sharing and reuse.


Pedro Parraguez Ruiz

Pedro Parraguez Ruiz

Pedro is a researcher and an entrepreneur exploring the complexity of human networks, large-scale collaborations and other socio-technical systems. He is fascinated by the power of human imagination and the intricacies of the design process. Currently, Pedro is a postdoc at the Engineering Systems Division in DTU Management Engineering, Denmark and a consultant for data-driven projects. More information at


Ludo Waltman

Ludo Waltman

Ludo Waltman is deputy director and senior researcher at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. Ludo leads the Quantitative Science Studies (QSS) research group. His research interests focus on methodological topics in the fields of bibliometrics and scientometrics, in particular the analysis and visualization of bibliometric networks and the development of scientometric indicators.


Finn Årup Nielsen

Finn Årup Nielsen works with data science as an Associate Professor at Cognitive Systems, Technical University of Denmark. He has explored how wikis can be used to capture scholarly information, and together with collaborators he has recently built the Scholia website that provides real-time analyses and visualizations of the bibliographic information in Wikidata the collaborative and editable Semantic Web resource.


Federica Fragapane

Federica Fragapane is a freelance communication and information designer and has been working with visualization since 2012 for customers like UN and Wired Magazine. She has specialized in data visualization, working for organizations, companies, magazines and in general for publishers.

Federica has won a number of design and visualization awards over the years like the KANTAR Information Is Beatyfull Award, Core77 Design Award and the European Design Award. Examples of her works can be seen at Behance website.

Federica thus has taken data visualization to the next level and has made beautiful design a crucial element to making sense of complex information.

At the Technical University of Denmark, Mogens has for many years served as the library’s director of development and later as university librarian before focusing on research analytics, research data management and Open Science.

Mogens has over the years been extensively involved in the design and organization of national information infrastructures in Denmark. He chairs committees, projects and acts as an advisor to the government.

Internationally, Mogens has been involved in several EU R&D projects and has served on boards and committees, for example Open Archives Initiative and Fedora Commons Board. He represents the Danish Rectors’ Conference in the European University Association’s Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science and participates in a number of projects and forums within the area.


Christina Steensboe

For the past ten years, Christina has worked with research analytics at DTU including quantitative analyses of research performance, collaboration, and benchmarking. She provides research intelligence services and insight to DTU’s leadership and departments. In recent years, Christina has been extensively involved in the development and testing of new research intelligence services and tools. As work package lead, she also plays a central role in the two DEFF sponsored projects ‘Research Output & Impact – Analyzed & Visualized’ and ‘Open Research Analytics’.

Before joining DTU, Christina worked for ten years at IDC, a global market intelligence company focused on the IT industry. She managed the European research program for business intelligence providing analysis of software industry dynamics in Europe. Christina was also responsible for key consulting projects supporting market players in the development of product and market strategies across Europe.


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