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WRDS: How to Access


How to Access

Only SDU Staff and SDU Students have access to WRDS. And it requires that you register in order to get an account.

How to become a registred user:

Go to WRDS homepage Fill out the account request form by selecting “Register for a WRDS Account”:

1.    ”Institution”: choose University of Sourthern Denmark

2.    ”Affiliation with Institution”: as a student choose Masters Student

3.    Fill out your name, e-mail address (it has to be a SDU e-mail), username etc.

4.    “Department”:  As a student, you have to specify the program you belong to.

       As an employee, you have to put the department information. 

5.    Before you complete your registration, you must agree WRDS '"Terms of Use".


Please note that if the required information is not complete, the account application will be rejected.

Within a couple of days you’ll receive a confirmation of your account request.


Student account lasts for one year. If you want to access it after one year, they can contact Mo Zhang mo@sam.sdu.dk to renew the account.


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