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Business Literature Search guide: Start

Why do a literature search?

  • To demonstrate that your knowledge is up to date.
  • To identify work that has already been done and is relevant to your own work.
  • To prevent you from duplicating what has already been accomplished.
  • To avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes from previous research.
  • To assist you in designing the methodology for your project by identifying key issues and data collection methods that best fit your topic.
  • To enable you to discover gaps in existing research, thus providing you with a unique topic.

SCRIBO - Research question and literature search tool


When starting the process of finding literature for a larger assignment, there are several ways you can approach it.

This guide provides you with tips on how to use the library's resources and ensure the quality of the literature. The library invests millions each year in our electronic resources, and we have experts who validate the reliability of these resources. Therefore, you can confidently use what you find through the library's resources.

Some of the most important databases include the specific subject database Business Source Complete and the citation-index databases, Scopus and Web of Science, but others may be relevant, too.

You can learn more about each database under the Databases tab. However, remember also to explore what other tabs offer in terms of relevant and useful information.

Enjoy your research! :)

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