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Company and Market Information: Market / Industries

How to estimate the market size

This video produced by EAAA explains in a very good way how to estimate the market size - or how to quantify a product - on the Danish market using Statistics Denmark's Statbank:

Sales turnover by industry

You can find the "turnover" of an industry in Denmark in Use the table  FIKS44. "Sales total" express the "turnover". You can change to English on the right in the top menu.

What is an industry report?

An industry report is a comprehensive account of a particular industry, describing e.g. the competitive environment. In addition, data on the industry’s size, market segmentation, and future prospects can be found.

DON’T FORGET the various industry associations, employers’ federations, non-governmental organizations, purchasing associations and trade unions.

Access to industry reports and surveys

Passport and GlobalData Explorer are the most important databases for finding information on industries in Denmark and abroad.

Industrial classification codes – official nomenclature

Industrial classification codes, initially created to classify economic activities, are normally used in official registers, company databases etc. They were originally developed at national levels, but have gradually been harmonised at the international level.

In Denmark, the official industrial classification code is known as DB, Dansk Branchekode (Danish industial classification code). The present industrial classification code is DB07 (the 2007 edition of the Danish industrial classification code). The industrial classification code is developed in close collaboration with the EU and is a six-digit number, of which the first 4 digits are identical to the EU NACE industrial classification code. The present industrial classification code is NACE ver. 2. The industrial classification codes are revised about once every five years. For example, the DB industrial classification code for manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery is 10.82.00, while the corresponding NACE industrial classification code is 10.82.

ISIC, International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, is the UN version of an industrial classification code. The two first digits of ISIC are identical to the first two digits of the EU NACE and the Danish DB.

In the USA, the SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification) was originally used, but now a common North American NAICS code is in use in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The SIC code can still be used in several company databases.


GlobalData Explorer


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