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Company and Market Information: Start

What's in it for you?

What are you looking for?

If you are looking for a specific type of information, such as a company’s key financial figures, this overview will tell you which of our databases contains the information you want. Clikc on the Overview.

What to use the information for

Information can be used for things like:

– identifying how to contact companies
– finding financial information on companies or industries
– identifying industry or product competitors
– finding information on the current status and background of companies and industries, news, and other information

Find the right database - click on the overview

If you need information about companies, competitors, professions or similar it will be a good idea to start your information search in the library’s databases.

You can find loads of free information on the internet, however, by using the library’s quality-tested databases you are sure to find valid data for your assignments!

In this guide we have gathered the most relevant information resources within company and market information. The guide primarily focuses SDUB’s databases and only includes other internet resources to a limited extent.

You can expect to find short descriptions of the databases, links to the databases and small intro videos.

Find the right database - click on the overview

Where to look for information

Information on companies and industries or markets can be found in many different sources, such as company databases, market reports, newspaper articles, journals and trade magazines, and free internet resources.

Company databases give quick access to basic information, financial information, annual reports, etc.

In newspaper and journal databases you can find news articles, analyses, reports, etc.

Databases containing market reports give access to specific information on big companies and industries. You can find information on companies, market size, competitors and future expectations (forecasts, trends), and other things.

Free internet resources offer access to many different kinds of information, ranging from a company’s official website to blogs containing personal comments on a company’s products, etc. These are highly diverse sources, and it is very important to read them critically.


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