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OUH-guide-eng: Start

Content and News

Content: On this new OUH Libguide you will find links to digital resources and informations for employees at the Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital (OUH), all content is now adapted to OUH.
More informations regarding literature searching and guidance see:


New Discount agreement on Frontiers:
Researchers from SDU and university hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark may publish open access with a 10% discount in all Frontiers-journals. The agreement is signed for one year and takes effect from the first of november 2021. Read more here.

Contact - ask us

University Library of Southern Denmark: 6550 2100
1. questions regarding borrows, recalls and fees
2. Library professional guidance
3. support on electronic resources
4. Pure support and Open Access guidance

Library Office Hours

Literature searches:
Access to electronic resources (incl. Covidence):

FAQ on EndNote (SDU)
Libguide on Endnote
(EndNote installation from Kiwi, Installation of Programmes or by contacting Clinical IT-Service, OUH)

Request on Materials not found in the library Catalogue or Summon

Guidance on literature searching

Need help on your literature searches? Book-a-Librarian (in groups or individually) by Skype or on the University Library for Southern Denmark.
We expect that you have been working on your search strategy and search terms prior to the meeting .

Support for Researchers

Support for reseachers: Services for researchers and employees such as Open Access, publication agreements etc.

Courses on OUH departments

For new appointments on courses, contact: 

Courses on University Library of Southern Denmark

OUH Library (only selvservice)

Location: OUH Library, Ent. 50 The Clinic Building

OUH Bibliotek (Library) is for selfservice only and you can collect and return books from the University Library of Southern Denmark.
OUH employees must use the national health card or SDU library card on the self-service machine.
All users has 24 hours access, and must use SDU or OUH employee card or SDU student card at the entrance.

Contact Librarian

Access to E-resources

Employees at the Odense University Hospital has access to most of the E-resources licensed by the University Library of Southern Denmark and E-resources licensed by the Region of Southern Denmark.

To obtain access: username and password is the RSYD E-mail and associated password..
If you have any problems regarding access, please contact the SDU license office by e-mail or by phone 6550 2632.


Borrow physical materials

You must be a borrower at the University Library of Southern Denmark to order materials and to receive articles. Become a borrower
You can renew your loans and change your password:

Notice when ordering books, do not choose location. Ordered books will automatically be delivered  to the OUH Bibliotek (Library).
You will recieve an e-mail when materials are ready for collection.

OUH E-shelfs

Syddansk Universitetsbibliotek
Odense - Esbjerg - Kolding - Slagelse - Sønderborg
Telefon: +45 6550 2100

Bibliotekets betjeningstider.

Betingelser for brug
Adgangen til Syddansk Universitetsbiblioteks elektroniske materialer er kun til personligt studie-, undervisning- og forskningsbrug. Det er ikke tilladt at benytte adgangen i forbindelse med studiejob, praktikophold, kommercielle formål o.l. Læs mere om adgang til de elektroniske materialer.