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OUH-guide-eng: Literature searching

Literature searching and guidances

On the Health Research Libguide https://libguides.sdu.dk/HealthSciences/Literature you will find documents and links on:

  • Search techniques
  • Research methods
  • Search History
  • Search filters

On the Health Research Libguide https://libguides.sdu.dk/HealthSciences/guides you will find documents and links on:

  • Guidances on databases and literature searching
  • Tutorials

Literature searching and Reviews. Covidence.

The University Library of Southern Denmark offers employees at OUH, access to the software platform Covidence, which can be used for sorting and screening literature, quality assessment and data extraction in connection with systematic reviews.
Contact The Office of Licensing e-tss@bib.sdu.dk for access to Covidence

Covidence Libguide (danish)- see how to start and use Covidence.